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About Ambrace


Ambrace spun out of the 3D Makers Zone in the Amsterdam Metropole Region, an official Smart Industry Fieldlab designated by the Dutch government. While working on additive manufacturing pilot projects with industry partners, we identified an enormous need; the possibility to store files in a digital warehouse and send them securely to an authorized production facility or machine in a manner that allows for managing IP rights, license rights, certification standards.

In short, we set out to develop a software platform that offers trust in ownership, trust in quality and trust in transactions, and drive adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies through existing industries like automotive, aerospace, machining & tooling, oil & gas, marine, etc.

We felt the best way to accomplish this, was to make sure we’d build new technology on top of existing technology with an established industrial install base. The Ambrace secure Additive Manufacturing data management solution is incorporated in an existing data exchange and platform, which is currently being used by hundreds of international manufacturers in the automotive, aviation and machining industries.