The best way to encrypt and securely send your 3D manufacturing files to clients, service bureaus and other professionals.

This new secure service powered by Ambrace runs on a proven web-based data exchange platform for industries. AM File Exchange provides maximum security thanks to multilevel data encryption and easy access to the data exchange functionalities in a familiar working environment.

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Extensive Market Research* pointed to two well-defined challenges in industrial AM.

File sharing challenges in the AM Market resulted to our secure solution.


Not sufficiently secured external data transfer

“Nobody cared for security, just because AM was mainly a prototyping application”.
“Digital rights are still not protected”.


Unprotected internal data transfer

“Lack of end-to-end encryption, from model design to printer”.
“Secure File Exchange with Colleagues and Customers not existing”

* source: Research Interviews with 150 partners of the SDAM Alliance (


Industrial-grade secure file sharing for AM is finally here.

With AM File Exchange you can now finally share data with development partners, suppliers or contractors easily, reliably and securely without compromising your intellectual property.

Stop emailing your precious intellectual property.

Send your important 3D production files encrypted and secure with a proven data exchange platform for industries with maximum security. Welcome to AM File Exchange


We've build AM File Exchange with some key user groups in mind.

Interaction and file sharing is often insecure and outdated. To bring Additive Manufacturing to the next level a reliable and safe file exchange services for production files is needed. That's why we've built AM File Exchange on a proven web-based data exchange platform for industries.

AM Preperation Services

File sharing between Industries and 3D-scanning services, design bureaus, engineering companies and many other professional AM parties.

AM Production Services

File sharing between Industries and on-demand AM facilities or large scale industrial AM production facilities.

AM File Exchange Features


Controlled data access
Access to the data is controlled by a comprehensive role and permissions management system. Before the data is accessed, the system checks the identity of the recipient using the user ID, password, and assigned permissions set. If necessary, two-factor authentication can be used. The administrators cannot view the users' data.

Powerful data encryption
All data is encrypted with an individually generated key using hybrid encryption with a key length of up to 4,096 bits, both during storage and transfer. This enables true end-to-end, user-to-user encryption for highly sensitive data. The data is decrypted at the user's workstation, but only if the user possesses the required personal key.

Easy to use

Easy operation using web browsers
AMbrace File Exchange can be used with all of the most common web browsers and requires no special training thanks its intuitive web interface. This means that no client software has to be installed on users' computers, thus minimizing operating costs and the need for support. This allows it to be used both as a desktop application and on mobile devices.

User Friendly
Users who are used to navigating with Windows Explorer can exchange data easily via drag-and-drop. You also see incoming data in your familiar folder structure and can download it from the portal with a single click. You can also use the "Send to" function to send any amount of data in encrypted and traceable form by simply entering an e-mail address.


Interruption-resistant transfer
A special transfer protocol guarantees the robust data transfer of large volumes of data involving tens or hundreds of gigabytes, even in the case of instable Internet connections. The data is transferred in blocks, so that transfer operations that have been interrupted can be resumed at the same position at which they were interrupted.

Parallel transfer via multiple channels
The parallel transfer of data via multiple channels using multi-thread technology ensures that large amounts of data comprising several gigabytes can be transferred over long distances much faster than with conventional data exchange solutions


Customer-specific branding
Custom-specific branding and a separate web address are available so you can use your own corporate design.

No operating or update effort
No operating effort on your part is required. During the initial setup, the system is configured in such a way that you can use it immediately and subsequently only have to perform administrative tasks for users and data exchange partners. The software updates required to guarantee the high level of security or make useful new functions available are, of course, included in the cloud service.

Audit compliant

Satisfying compliance requirements
The audit-trail-capable logging of all user actions and processes makes it easier to provide proof of compliance with statutory and company-specific requirements.

Automatic logging
AMbrace File Exchange stores every user action and every process in the database in an audit-proof manner so that they can be traced at any time by any user or administrator. This ensures a high level of transparency and makes it possible to perform a wide range of different searches over any period of time. The searches can be fully automated if required and can be made available as reports.


Additive Manufacturing
is getting serious.
It’s time for your file sharing experience to become serious and secure as well.

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The complete functional scope of AM File Exchange

Ambrace File Exchange is a powerful portal which allows users to integrate partners worldwide in their development projects, speed up communication, shorten development cycles and secure market positions with maximum IP protection. Our end-to-end solution protects your files when they leave your device, regardless of the data volumes, data sources, systems and formats involved. Only the designated recipients and you can access the data. We offer maximum security thanks to multilevel data encryption with decentralized data storage and distributed user accounts.


SSL-encrypted data transfer, both within a company and via the Internet
Automatic encryption of documents and data packages with a key length of up to 4096 bits
Finely-tuned rights and role management for targeted data access
Integration of an existing ADS/LDAP system for authentication purposes
Connectivity to OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers for user authentication
Fully integrated, optional two-factor authentication (2FA)
Maximum security thanks to the personal encryption option
Targeted protection of 3D print data thanks to built-in blockchain technology


Operations for forwarding, encrypting and sharing data in a flexible manner
Direct access to the data exchange functions from the PLM user interface
Automatic check and/or conversion of the CAD data prior to being sent 
Availability of all the new features within the framework of software maintenance


Transfer Manager for stable data transfer even when dealing with large volumes
Automatic, audit-trail-capable logging of all actions and processes
Problem-free system administration thanks to integrated monitoring functions
Resource efficient due to the automatic archiving or deletion of data
Search and report functions for targeted searches following transfer operations
Configurable backup functions for archiving metadata and user data
Shorter wait times thanks to gateways with batch transfer functions
Remote FileVault for fast data availability at other locations

Ease of use

Simple collaboration thanks to configurable personal and group WebSpaces
Structured storage of the data and documents to be exchanged in WebSpaces 
Templates for quickly creating internal and external user accounts
Individually configurable email notification functions 
Less time and effort required thanks to the import of user data, roles and rights
Fully-automated data exchange operations performed by data transfer robots


Industrial-Grade Secure File Sharing For Each Professional.

Send your important 3D production files encrypted and securely via a proven data exchange platform for industries.


Industrial-Grade Secure File Sharing
For Each Professional.


Fully branded for companies and organisations.

With AM File Exchange Premium you can completely customize your AM File Exchange environment with custom backgrounds, your company logo and much more. This way you will have a personal branded AM File Exchange environment for your customers, colleagues and other professionals.


Create your own personal branded
File Exchange environment with
Ambrace File Exchange Premium.